Simple Order System with Office 365 SharePoint and Galaxy – Part 1

In this blog post we make a simple order system for oursΒ sellers that work in any device (desktop and mobile) and operating system (android, iOS,Windows mobile and desktop) with web browser step by step with Office 365 SharePoint and SingularLogic Galaxy.

Prerequisites are Office 365 SharePoint 2013 , Install Access web app from Office365 Store in SharePoint site , SingularLogic Galaxy and Office 365 Pro

First you must made export actions from SingularLogic GalaxyΒ  to Access Web app , you can use User Actions or dll Entities.

Links below use user actions inside SingularLogic Galaxy , are very simple and must use your imagination to make them better….

Don’t forget to change Sql Server connections strings in code with that you receive from yours access web app that you see below, and guid for Fiscal Year in sql statements.

Export Customers

Export items

Export Suppliers

Export Transactions

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